Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Swizzir, an AVSForum member has collected a number of pictures taken by Bravia owners.

Here is a link to a Flickr Slideshow.

As you can see the effect ranges from barely visible to extreme in some cases. It is important to note on some of the less-noticeable occurrences that an almost uniformly black screen is visible. This is what all Bravias should look like.

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AVS member "Irunnoft" said...

This is a VERY accurate representation of what the clouding/mura defect looks like in person. The sampling is broad and this collection of photos shows the varying degree to which some sets are affected.

I had FIVE XBR2's before I lucked out and got one that was cloudless. I went through FIVE 40XBR2s, which I kept returning to Best Buy. I even tried one 46XBR2, even though it was larger than what I wanted. All of them had various degrees and intensity of clouding defects.

I did finally manage to just plain luck out and get a set from Circuit City that did NOT present the mura defect.