Thursday, January 11, 2007

Interesting post from Kdogs on the AVSForum:

:So I'm at the Sony booth at CES today and I walk up to the rep standing in front of the new 70"LCD XBR.
"Have you fixed the mura production problems with your LCD fab in Mexico that affected the XBR 2 and 3 since August?"

Reply - "We are not aware of any issues. You can go over to the tvs on that wall playing Spiderman - they have a lot of black and you can see if you notice any lighting issues."

Interesting. So I walk over and a guy is asking the Sony rep about the clouding issues. He says the TV is beautiful but that in his research this is a big asterisk on the TV.

The reply - "I've heard about this. It's a bunch of internet crackpot bloggers. There are no problems with the TV."

I step into the conversation and explain that several hundred people on the AVS Forum have reported the problems. He basically says if it is a real problem then people can get it fixed as a warranty repair."


Anonymous said...

I was an exhibitor at CES and there was no 70 inch XBR on display in Sony's "village".

Anonymous said...

Damn... that was a smackdown. Why would someone lie about seeing something at CES? Didn't he think that people who were ACTUALLY there might read that and call him on it? LOL