Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Here for informational purposes is a link to pinbwiz's AVSForum post of Viper's instructions on how he lessened his mura. It involves loosening screws on the set that may be stressing the LCD panel.

It appears to have had some reduction of the issue for some, and for others has caused a "flashlight" clouding to appear.

Consumer Reports Info

Found this post referencing Consumer Reports.

Last Monday I was supposed to have a service visit from a Best Buy Tech for my 46XBR2. He called me in the morning to schedule a time to come by. First I asked him what time he worked until, because you can only see this clouding problem when it's dark.............he only works until 3:00 P.M. So, I start to tell him all about it, and how it's not worth it to come over during the day. He was a nice guy, tells me he has a friend that works at Sony and he'll ask him what he knows about it.
A couple of days go by, call him...........nothing..... a couple more days......nothing, he says yesterday that he'll call him again and get back to me for sure.
He finally calls me back yesterday to tell me that its a big problem but, Sony doesn't want to replace the defective panels.
He then asks if I'm by a computer and tells me "I didn't give you this information".......
He takes me to the sight(can't post links yet) servic-asc.sel.sony, gives me his log- in info and tells me where to go until I see the following:


Last Update
2/2/2007 Event ID
E32706397 Model
Light / Uneven Background with no input or very dark scenes


Customer may describe the issue using one of the following words: Cloudy / White / Blotchy / Patchy / Mura / Halo / Uniformity


Sony cares deeply about the overall picture quality of our televisions in all viewing conditions and light settings. Sony's Bravia LCD line of televisions, which are among the brightest and most color rich televisions in the world, reflects our commitment to these high standards. To achieve this level of performance Sony utilizes a very bright backlight output and setting. With this exceptional brightness, under certain dark viewing conditions, especially blank screens with no video source, the screen may exhibit a slightly uneven uniformity. This condition is not usually visible under typical TV watching conditions such as movies or general television programming and should not affect your viewing experience. However, should you find that this condition does affect your enjoyment, there are a few settings that you can make to minimize this condition:

Setup Menu ' Light Sensor: ON
Setup Menu ' Power Saving: Low or High
Picture Menu ' Reduce the Backlight Level (Factory Setting: 10)
Combination of the above changes

If the customer is not satisfied by the above settings Sony has released a Self Service Software Update that will further minimize this condition. This Self Service Software Update will not need the Light Sensor or the Power Savings settings to be adjusted. All terms of their Sony limited warranty continue to apply. Sony will ship this Self Service Software Update directly to the customer and thus will not pay technicians to perform this update.

NOTE: The upgrade is to be performed by the end user (consumer) only. Should an authorized servicer perform the upgrade, there will be no reimbursement paid.

Note to technicians:

The upgrade for the Sony models will be performed by the end user (consumer) only. Should an authorized servicer perform the upgrade, there will be no reimbursement paid.

This is not a defective condition and Panel Replacement will not be authorized.

This solution is based primarily on changes to the USER settings and are intended to be performed by the customer. As such Sony will not pay a service claim on any issue resolved by this method nor for any panel replacement.

All Panel replacements will be reviewed and any found to be replaced for this condition under pretense will result in no reimbursement paid on the work order.

If the customer is not satisfied with this response, please have them call the Sony Call Center Support line: 1-800-222-7669

Name: symptom1.jpg
Description: Symptom 1
Size: 12506 bytes
Name: symptom2.jpg
Description: Symptom 2
Size: 35427 bytes
Name: Customer_Update_Instruction.pdf
Description: Customer Update Instruction
Size: 2609317 bytes


Unit/Model Details


Unit/Model Detail
Unit(s): SN Start SN End Factory Family Name Product Category


Anode Removal Tool
Aperture Grill protection wire (Damper Wire)
Bent CRT pins
CRT return policy
CRT set-up
DC Power Supply for safety adjustments
Deleted CRT return policy (INTERNAL)
Ghosting (Due to cable and broadcast signal)
Instruction Manual NVM Jig
List of Telematic Adapters for Sony TV Chassis
Micro and ROM malfunctions possible
Model Chassis List
Multi System TV information
Noise on MTS stations
NVM Jig hook up list (SB31R15)
Operating Manual for Registration Control Jig
P/N for tape around Diffusion Screens
Poor Registration
Power turn on of non USA TVs
Preventing ESD damage to circuit boards during handling or shipping.
Purity Jig
Remote/Model Cross-reference List.
Standard glue for TV repair
TV Term, Video & Audio Connections
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Patch sent out, results not amazing

So it appears that the few members of the AVSForum that have received the Sony firmware patch (or have newer sets with the firmware updated apparently already updated) are reporting it is simply masking the problem, darkening the back light on blank inputs so as to make it seem less severe. This even occurs in dark scenes in movies/shows/games which is effectively making the picture quality suffer.

More info as we get it...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

User BigPanda on the AVSForum thread has confirmed he has a January 2007 build XBR with clouding. Looks like the issue hasn't been remedied in the new years sets.
I took the plunge on Saturday last weekend, January 20, and purchased the KDL-46XBR2. After about 3 hours at my local Circuit City, haggling prices and almost getting the 52 inch, I ended up going to Best Buy on a last ditch effort.

They not only matched the haggling price, but gave me a lower 4-year service plan as well. After 3 hours at CC it took me 20 minutes and I was out the door with my new TV.

Took it home, left it in the box in my hall for a day until Sunday when I unpacked it. Wasting no time I plugged it in right there in the hall to check it out and see if I had any clouding or mura effects. It appeared not on any of the black inputs.

I prepared my and lugged it upstairs. After about 30 minutes of cleaning and cable hookup it was all set up. So far the blacks look uniform and crisp to me. I thought I noticed a slight whiff of clouding in the top left of the screen but it's only evident when a really bright scene cuts to black. I will investigate this more and post my findings here, but so far on any blank input the screen looks to be in good shape.

First picture is taken in normal lighting with camera flash. It's the Nintendo Wii's Opera web-browser.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The rest are in a completely dark room with no camera flash.

Picture Mode: Vivid
Input: Xbox 360 420p DVD
Backlight: Full
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Friday, January 19, 2007

Interesting post on the AVSForum regarding using the VGA input and a solid black screen to "clear clouds."

It has been confirmed to NOT work, furthering our belief the defect is hardware-based.

" IT'S OFFICIAL! "PC input"MAKES NO DIFFERENCE whether you are watching through the PC input or any other inputs, THE CLOUDS ARE ALWAYS THERE, and will always be there....

I connected a PC via VGA to a 46" XBR2 AUGUST build(with slight clouding on left side). And I used a program called "DPT" http://www.dps.uk.com/freeware_DTP.htm
to test for dead or stuck pixels, it allows the screen to be completely black, with no windows borders showing on the outside. This program created the ideal Black screen to test for clouds.

People, make sure through a pc you have NO windows borders with START at the bottom of the screen, SCREEN must be completely BLACK. THIS is why the "DPT" program is useful.
In my tests, I had PICTURE turned up to max and Backlight to max... Clouds were clearly visible just like Cable thru HDMI and component!! The PC makes no difference!! The software Patch may also make no difference!! The panel is physically creating the clouds."

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

AVSForum user ransome posted this picture.
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Sony 46" 1080p in front of Sharp 52" 1080p.Both with no image.Any light you see on the sharp is a reflection from my computer screen,it is solid and black.The Sony is from Oct 2006.