Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sony's Official Statement

"Sony's Bravia LCD line of televisions are among the brightest and most color rich televisions in the world. To achieve this level of performance Sony utilizes a brighter backlight output and setting. With this exceptional brightness, under certain dark viewing conditions, especially blank screens with no video source, the backlight may exhibit a slight unevenness of uniformity. This condition is not usually visible under typical conditions such as watching movies or general television programming and should not affect your viewing experience."


AVS member "Irunnoft" said...

Sony's official comment to it's owners that are experiencing clouding on their new XBRs has amounted to one of the following:

a) If you can still return the TV, do so. (This is what I was told when I first called about my cloudy 40XBR2)

b) It is normal. The clouding is "normal" and "acceptable." It is neither of these two things. It is clearly a defect.

I appreciate this blog cataloging owner's efforts to get Sony to admit there is a problem with it's flagship Bravia line, and also to correct the problem with the defective TVs!

Several have speculated that the problem could be due to stress on the structural frame of the TV that is causing the panel to warp. Others have attributed the clouding/mura defect to the lack of quality control in the Mexican plant where these TVs are made. Sadly, Sony has opted to make their most expensive flagship model televisions in Mexico. However, whatever the reason, there are many irate owners who demand Sony both acknowledge and fix the problem!

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